Friday, February 6, 2009

Basketball Game!!!

This is me and my roommates Ashley and Michelle at a basketball game at the beginning of January. We were just messing around, waiting for the game to start! Of course B-rode was there!!
Me and Michelle.. Love this girl to death!

This picture got put up on the jumbo tron at the game!! We were famous for like 10 seconds!!! :)
This is me, Michelle, and her friend Zach
We were also sitting on the Axtell Taylor Rebound Row. So every time the Aggies got an offensive rebound they would give our row a free t shirt!! So we got put up on the jumbo tron for that too!!! And then a little later in the game they zoomed in on someone sitting in front of me so I was on the screen again!!! 3 times in one night! It was wicked cool!

After the game we went back to my apartment so that I could finally give him his Christmas present... I ordered him his favorite movie on the internet and I had had it since the beginning of December but I had not been able to give it to him yet. So I was so excited to finally give it to him. Of course he loved it!


tennisgirl007 said...

CUTE! This blog has so many memories on it! I loved being on the big screen with you. Now we just need to go to a Jazz game and make it on that screen... :)

Kimberly said...

Way to go on getting on the big screen. You've become quite famous lately I'd say with being on the news, the big screen, what's next? And what movie did you get Brody? I'm happy to see that you have some time to have fun in college!! :) Love Ya!