Thursday, February 12, 2009

Car Woes

So I have had an lot of unfortunate happenings with my car in the past couple weeks. It all started a couple of Sundays ago. I had been having a bad day so I had decided to drive home to Sandy to hang out with the fam. Well as I was driving back to Logan that night there was a pretty bad snow storm going on. I was up by Lagoon when my tires hit the snow at a bad angle and I lost control of my car. I spun around twice, and was heading straight for cement barrier... so basically a total replay of my accident this summer. The happy ending of the story though is that I stopped before actually hitting it... Thank heavens. Well I had actually been talking to my mom on the phone as this was all happening trying to decide whether I should turn around and head home because of the weather. Well after I spun I knew there was no way that I was going to drive all the way back to Logan. I was a wreck. I really didn't wanna turn around and drive back to Sandy though either so I ended up calling Britt and I stayed up in South Ogden with her and Neal. Needless to say I drove extremely slow the rest of the way to their place. It was a pretty traumatic night for me.
Well then in the morning Britt and Neal had class at 9. So I got ready to take off at 8:30 and I get out to my car and I can't get my key into either of my locks. And not only that, I stuck it into one of my doors and it froze inside of it. So my key is frozen inside my door that won't open and I am parked behind Brittnee and Neal who are supposed to be leaving for class... So we start doing everything we can think of to get my key out of the door. Neal eventually moves his car out around me and heads to class because he can't miss it. Eventually I get the key out of the car, but I still can't get it open. So after like 45 minutes of trying my dad finally calls me and tells me to pour hot water on the door. My mom had told me not to do that when I had called earlier so we hadn't tried that. Well of course that was what finally got my door unfroze.. And it only took approximately 5 seconds. I felt so bad because Britt missed her first class because it took us so long to get it open. But anyways, after working out in the cold FOREVER trying to get into my car, I finally was on my way back to Logan. I had to stop in Brigham City to get some gas because I was I was empty, but I made it back to Logan just fine.
So I went to work that day and when I got home to my apartment I noticed that my gas door was wide open. You guessed it, I didn't put my gas cap back on when I got gas in Brigham. So I go into my apartment to find a phone book to get the address for Auto Zone so I can buy a new one. So I go back out to my car and in the five minutes I had been inside my locks froze again. So I had to go inside and get hot water so that I could get in my car to go buy me a new gas cap!! So frustrating!
Ok, so I decided not to lock my car that night because I didn't wanna have to deal with it in the morning when I had to be to work by 7. So I get out to my car at 6:45 and was thrilled when my car door opened right up for me. But I wasn't so thrilled that when I sat down on my seat and tried to shut my door, it wouldn't latch closed. That is right, in the five seconds the door had been opened the latch froze and so I couldn't get the door shut.. I think that this is all a sign to me that Utah, particularly Logan and Ogden, are way too cold a place to be living in!!!! I was so frustrated. Well i tried the hot water trick, but that didn't work. So after working on it for an hour I finally gave up, duct taped my door shut, and drove my roommates car to work (which by the way was covered in like six inches of snow that I got to scrape off).
My dad ended up coming to Logan that day because he finally decided that it was getting serious enough that he needed to do something about it. He put silicon in my locks and I'm really not sure what else but it worked pretty good. He also brought up one of the ugliest blankets ever made that he draped over the front end of my car, saying that it would help keep the door from freezing. It might not be the the cool thing to do, but I found that it did indeed keep the door from freezing and not only that it also meant that I didn't have to scrape my windows anymore!!! So I continued to use the ugly fashion statement.
Well I wish I could say that that was the end of my car troubles, but o no it does not end there. Last Friday a couple of my friends had a birthday party up here in Logan. It was really fun! We went and cleaned the sink at Angies. For those of you that aren't from Logan and have no idea what I am talking about, Angies is a local restaurant here and they have this ginormous serving of ice cream that they bring out in a kitchen sink (which isn't the size of a real sink, but still pretty big) and the cool thing is to eat the whole thing. Well there were five of us working on ours, and we still didn't finish it. And the thing that makes me both sick and amazed is that Danny ate the whole thing all by himself before his mission..... But that's a different story. Haha. Ok so then after that we went to see He's Just Not That Into You. Pretty good movie I thought!

This is me and Brittan, one of the birthday girls! I love this girl to death!

My roommate Lysa, the other birthday girl Michelle, and Me!

Here is the famous sink! Doesn't it make you sick to think that Danny ate that all by himself?? Pretty impressive though I must say!

This is Lysa, me, Katie, Lauren, and Jaclyne

So anyways, I get home at like 11:30 and I decided that I was going to go down to Sandy. I had plans the next day with Jackie down there and I decided that I would rather go then than have to wake up early on Saturday. So I pack all my stuff up, take it out to my car, and head off. Well I am about a block away from my apartment when I smell something kinda funny. So I pulled over to the side of the road to make sure that my emergency brake was all the way down. Well as I am sitting there, with my foot still on the clutch my car suddenly dies. Definitely not a good sign. So then it won't turn on... Yup it was broken down on the side of the road. So of course it is a relief that I am not far from my apartment at all, but there is still a very big problem... there is a law up in Logan that you can't park on the street from 1 AM to 6 AM, and I didn't know what to do with my car. At this point it was already quarter to 1. Well I ended up calling Ben and Brody to come help me because I didn't know what to do. Of course they were more than happy to come help me out. We drove around in Ben's car trying to find somewhere to push it to, but there was no where close enough. So Ben finally just calls dispatch and gives them the information on my car and they tell him that they will make sure I don't get a ticket. So that was good. I was really glad that he was there to figure out what to do, because I didn't have the slightest clue. So then we end up going down to Village Inn and Ben bought me some pie. Haha, I was kind of in a bad mood so that was really nice of him. I was just really grateful that I have friends I can call when something like that happens and my family isn't close enough to help me.

Well my dad came up in the morning and we towed it back to my apartment so that he can try and figure out what is wrong. Well quickly he noticed that my alternator belt was shredded, hence the weird smell I had noticed the night before. But apparently that was not what was actually wrong with the car. That's not why it wasn't turning on. So he spent over an hour trying to figure out what it was and finally decided that he wasn't going to figure it out right away. So we ended up towing it out to my Grandma's house in Millville and leaving it there. I drove home with my dad to Sandy after that. My wonderful sister agreed to let me use their other car until mine gets fixed so I really appreciated that. So I drove that car back up to Logan on Sunday and I have been driving it ever since. The only problem with that car is that it has a broken clutch that has been taking awhile for me to get used to. I can't hold the clutch in for very long or else the car will kill. So any time I come to a stop light or something I have to throw the car into neutral and just use my brakes. That isn't too hard, but the clutch has proved to be problematic when I am trying to reverse in my crowded parking lot. I can't tell you how many times I have killed the car just trying to get out of my parking place. Haha. But I'm so grateful to have it, it's been a lifesaver! So a big thanks to Diana for letting me use it!!

Well as for my car, it's still sitting at my grandma's house. My dad is supposed to come pick it up so that he can work on it at home but he has been to St. George for a job interview, Clearfield for another job interview and then back down to St. George for a second interview. So he hasn't had time to come get it. He probably won't be able to come get it til Tuesday so that really sucks. But what can you do right? I guess I will just have to wait this one out.

On a bit of a happier note, though. I was contacted by one of the students in the Anatomy class up here and told me that the professor highly recommended my name as a tutor. So she has hired me to be her private tutor. So I start that today. Hopefully that goes well, I'm definitely a little nervous! But I am really flattered that Andy (the professor) suggested my name to her! So ya, that is pretty much what's going on with me these days! Never a dull moment...


Lesa said...

WOW!!! The car troubles are insane... I hope your dad gets the car fixed! Someday you'll look back at this time and car and laugh your head off at all the troubles it caused!

Kimberly said...

I'm so sorry to hear all about your crazy car!! I hope Dad can fix it soon for ya. And I too am grateful that you had some good friends to help you out! And congrats on the tutoring job!! That's really awesome and impressive that your professor selected you. I know you'll be great at it! Hang in there! Oh, and soon Nick and I will be closer to you too in Idaho so if you ever need help or want to escape we'll be only 2 hours away!