Saturday, February 28, 2009

Best Valentines Ever

Rachel, Dustin, Michelle, Lysa, me and Cameron
So for Valentine's Day me, Michelle, and Lysa went and hung out with a bunch of my guy friends. We watched the USU basketball game at their house, which we ended up losing so that was sad. Afterwards we went and got sushi. I got a roll of spicy tuna... it was only my second time having sushi. It was actually pretty good but by the end I wanted to throw up because there was just too much. But all the guys were super impressed that I did it! Afterwards we went over to some girls house and played games. This is where the game of kissing rugby was introduced to me... my life will never be the same....
Ok so this is how it goes. All the girls have a letter and all the boys have a number. There is someone in the center. Let's say that I am in the center. I call out a letter and a number. So i'll say E4. So the boy who is 4 has to try and kiss me somewhere on the head on skin before the the girl who is E kisses him. And then the one that loses has to sit in the middle. Kinda sounds funny, but o so fun!
On my first time getting called I was trying to kiss Scott but he ended up nailing my face with the back of his head. Yes, I got a bloody lip trying to kiss someone. My lip swelled to enormous proportions and for the rest of the night I had people freaking out "O my gosh your lip looks awful" "Do you think you should ice that?"... Haha. I still played though. I never did end up kissing anyone though because I lost every time. But I got kissed by quite a few guys so who can complain about a fat lip! Haha.

Scott, Cami, and Mike.

Some of these rounds got pretty crazy.. Lots of tackling going on!

Me and Mike, he was trying to kiss me

Me and Mike again, now I was trying to kiss him

I don't know why Mike is in all of the good pics but he just was!
Mike and Cami

Haha my face is classic! I think that this picture is Cameron trying to kiss April. I thought they were gonna squish me.

Trying to recover after an exhausting game!
Me, Mike, Luke, Cami

Back at the guys house later that night..
Michelle, Scott, me

Scott is quite the ladies man!

This is one of my favorite pictures for some reason! LOVE IT!!
Reagan, Michelle, Scott, me, and Luke

Some videos! The first one is Cami in the middle with Tom and Rachel. Second one is me Tom and Rachel. We didn't get any good videos of it, some of the rounds got pretty crazy!


tennisgirl007 said...

FUNNEST Valentine's Day EVER! Pretend you like it!! haha.

Kimberly said...

Those are some classic pictures and memories! I too remember playing that crazy kissing game at BYU...oh those were the days....Glad you had a great Valentines!