Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

Brittnee and Neal McGarry
December 17, 2009

This is one of Britt's bridals. She wasn't super thrilled with the way her bridals turned out (even though she looked great in them) so she gave me the cds with the pictures on them and asked me to play with them on photoshop. This is my favorite one by far!

I got to go take her bridals with her. It was super fun and I was so glad that she invited me to go with her!

This was some of us at the bachelorette party we threw for her.
Britt, me, Michelle, Jenna, and Jennica The creator, creation, and inspiration
This was the awesome cake that I made for the party! I was pretty proud of it!

Well we ended up having so much food at the party that no one ate any of my cake. So me and my roommates Ashley and Lysa took it over to Ben and Brody's to have them help us eat it! The boys were much more enthusiastic about my cake than the girls had seemed to be. Weird...The boys insisted on taking pictures of cutting the cake.. It turned into a pretty big event!Ben decided he wanted a turn to cut the cake too. Haha Britt's last night single!! We took her to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.
The friends waiting for Britt and Neal to come out of the temple.
Jennica, Skeen, me, Jackie, David, Brody, Detrick, Neufford, and Tonks
Us girls at the temple.
Melissa, me, Ariean, Jackie, and Jennica Precious moments..
I think this is the only pic I have of Neal from the wedding day. Haha Melanie with 6 boys, any girls dream!
At the Joseph Smith Memorial Building between the wedding and the luncheon.
Neufford, Skeen, Brody, me, David, Tonks, and Detrick.
Yes, Neal's friends do have some interesting names. Skeen and Tonks are actually their last names, Neufford is a nickname, and Detrick is his real name! All these guys have become some of my best friends in the last year so it was a blast to get to spend the whole day with them.
All our friends at the luncheon at the Lion House.
Front row: Michelle, Emilee, me
Back row: Jackie, Karina, Aubrey, Taya, Ariean, Jennica, and Melissa Me, Jennica, and Jackie at the luncheon.

The 4 bridesmaids!
Me, Jennica, Melissa, Jackie

The groomsmen and the bridesmaids

Melissa, Skeen, Neufford, Detrick, Brody, Tonks, me, David, Jennica, Jackie

Getting ready to fight for the bouquet!!
This picture is hilarious to me! Doesn't look like Jennica had much competition for that bouquet. I have no idea why the rest of us were so very off!

Out decorating the very controversial car...

Me and the beautiful bride! Love her to death!

At the end of the reception there was dancing! I danced with Brody and Tonks and even even had some Boot Scootin Boogie action going on!

Overall it was a great day! The only thing that really messed things up was me going to get my hair done. Bad idea. The wedding luncheon ended up going over almost an hour. So I got to my hair appointment a little after 4. I was supposed to be to the reception center at 5:15 for pictures. Well by 5:00 the poor girl was only about halfway through my hair. And I had told her I wanted loose curls. Well my hair that is normally halfway down my back was in boingy curls at my shoulders. It was a disaster. Then she tells me that she is off work so she has to find someone else to curl my hair. At that point I was already 20 minutes late the reception center. So I told them that I was just going to have to leave and try to finish it at home. So then the owner of the place tells me that they can put 2 girls on it with more experience and they can have me done in 10 minutes. Well in the end I look like Shirley Temple. I was a total wreck... So I got home and hurriedly pulled it into a side ponytail and leave for the reception. Well the reception started at 6:30, and I got there at 6:25. So I run in, they take like 5 pictures with me, and they started the line. Pretty much a disaster... But it all ended up being ok, and even my hair wasn't as bad as I had originally thought. The only thing I wish is that I could have gotten a picture of it before I pulled it up. But I was in a total panic attack and bawling so there was no way I was thinking to do that. But besides that it was a beautiful day!!


Kimberly said...

Those are some great pictures! You looked beautiful too! And all those guys looked like a ton of fun too :)

Isaac Family said...

I still love that cake! Your hair turned out so pretty but sounds stressful! P.S. My parents were married on December 17th! Awesome day!