Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Fun

So for the 4th of July this year me and my best friend Brittnee had a barbeque with a bunch of our friends and then after we went over to Jordan High and watched the Sandy fireworks. It was a blast!

So this is us waiting for the fireworks to start!

Me and my buddies Aubrey and Eric

Me and my bestest buddy Britt

Brittnee and Neal, what a good looking couple
Well besides that, life has just been chugging along! I have been working quite a lot and I am really loving it. I love working with little kids, they are adorable. I have also been helping to take care of my dad and younger brother and sister while my mom is in St. George because my grandpa is in the hospital again. It's been a rough few months for him and it makes me so sad to see him hurting like this! They diagnosed him with congestive heart failure and they had to put him on dialysis for his kidneys again today. We are all just hoping and praying that everything will turn out alright. The last few months with him have been somewhat draining on me because I kind of have a hard time with my emotions with things like this ever since Caydin passed away. I don't usually admit that to anyone though, because I think I have a way of being strong for others when it comes to tough situations. So I tend to hide my feelings and emotions from others when it comes to this kind of stuff. Which I think is probably a good quality, but sometimes I am afraid it all bottles up too much inside me. But really the hardest thing for me is to see people I love hurting, so I am definitely just hoping that everything will end up being ok. But no matter what happens I know that everything will be alright!! And I believe that he is already improving so that is great news!
So on a happier note my brother and sister-in-law blessed their little girl McKell this last Sunday. It was a great day. Kimberly's family was all able to come from Arizona, Colorado, and Washington so it was awesome that they were able to be there for it. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of her, but she looked like a little angel in her white dress!

This is me holding McKell the day she was born and one of her from like a week or so later. She has gotten bigger since, but these are the only pictures I have of her right now!


Jen'n'Jordan said...

Thanks for telling me you have a blog! Turkey! it's cute, and I'm glad to see that we are on yours, too! I'm glad we got to come play on Sunday! See you soon!

Bryan & Natalie said...

Mel that baby is beautiful! I'm glad you text me about the whole blog thing... I forgot all about it! I'll try to plan something soon. When do you go back up to school?

Diana said...

I finally got to your blog, again after you've put more stuff on it! Looks good! You are so sweet for always trying to be so strong for everybody, and it is a good quality, but you're right too that you shouldn't let it stay bottled up! If you ever need to talk, call me, we can cry together! Love you!

Kimberly said...

Yeah! I finally remembered your blog and I did invite you to view mine so you should be able to get into it now, check your email for directions. I love what you've said about things and congrates on getting the job thing figured out. I'm glad you went with Kiddie Kandid because now we can get some great discounts!! Oh, yeah and you're really good with kids and the whole camera thing too. Ha! Ha! Hope you are feeling better soon. And you are a very strong person but if ya need to talk give me a call cause I love ya!

Jen said...

Hey Mel! Looks like you had a fun holiday, your friends are cute! Call me next week so we can figure out lunch!