Thursday, July 31, 2008

Working, Weddings, Weber, and Water Weenies...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I finally have time to even write a blog! My summer that started out so amazingly dull and boring is anything but that right now! I swear I live at my work! I closed the last 4 nights and thank heavens I have the day off tomorrow or I think I would die. Haha. I am really liking working there, but I am really looking forward to having a day off!!! I have started taking pictures now, which has been a lot of fun. Some of the kids have been a bit challenging and I have had a really hard time getting 6 good shots out of them, but there have been some kids that were a piece of cake. Kids are so cute though, it's a lot of fun to get to work with them. So anyways, I have been working a ton!!

Well when I am not going to work these days I am attending wedding receptions. I went to 2 recepetions earlier this summer for my friends Erin Fuller, who I ran cross country with in high school, and Jennifer Neddo, who is my friend in my ward. And I ended up missing the reception for my friend Monica Cantor, who I also ran cross country with. And then this last Saturday my good buddy Ariean Fabrizio got married so I had her wedding dinner on Friday and the reception on Saturday! And I have another one to go to on August 7 for Melissa Turnbow who was my best friend in 6th grade. I feel like I am getting so old, haha! I can't believe everyone is getting married! I can't believe I am already old enough to get married! It freaks me out. But it's really fun to go to my friends' weddings. They are all so happy and in love, and I just love seeing that! Ariean's wedding turned out really nice. They had the wedding dinner and reception both in her husband's parent's backyard down in Alpine. It was beautiful. Unfortunately the weather wasn't perfect on Saturday for the reception. It was poring rain as I was driving down to it, but luckily the rain didn't really hit Alpine. It just sprinkled a little. But it was pretty windy! But even inspite all that it still turned out really nice!
This is all of us that came to the wedding dinner!
This is me and Ariean at the dinner
Then the two of us at the reception
Didn't she look gorgeous?!?! I absolutely loved her dress!!
Me and Karina battled til the end for the bouquet, which Ariean threw halfway across the yard. In the end, Karina beat me to it!! Haha

On a similar subject of weddings, my best friend Brittnee has decided to not come back to Utah State with me and go to Weber with her boyfriend instead. They are probably going to be getting married in March, but it's not official yet or anything. But because she isn't coming back with me, I had to get a new rommate to share my room with. I was way nervous about it. I almost didn't even wanna go back up myself because I really didn't have good friends up there last year but her. We had other friends, like Ben and Brody and our roommates and a few others, but for the most part we were just tight and then we we would hang out with different people together. So I was worried about not having any good friends up there. But they gave me the name of my new roommate and I found her on Facebook. Her name is Ashley and she looks like she will be a lot of fun! And then one of my other roommates contacted me on Facebook also and her and her two friends will be in the other 3 rooms in our apartment. And they all look like they are going to be way fun!!!! So now I am getting really excited for school to start. And I am actually looking forward to the opportunity of getting to make new friends! I have had the same friends since I was 12 and it's been great but I think it will be fun to make some more! There is also a girl names Brittan that I had calculus with last semester that is living in the same apartment buildings as me and I really like her a lot so I am hoping that we will be good friends too! I am really really sad to lose Britt as my roommate and it has been really hard and emotional for me. I feel like I am losing her completely. I hardly ever see her or talk to her anymore and I am sure that once school starts it will be even less, and that is just really really hard for me. But I am really happy for her that she has found Neal and that they are so happy together! I really like Neal and I wouldn't let her have anything less. He is a great guy. And I know things will work out for me too and that I will be able to make lots of new friends next year. So even though the last couple weeks have been hard on me, I am feeling a lot better and I am actually getting way excited for this next year.
This is just a picture of me and Britt at Ariean's wedding dinner

So the last thing I was going to say about my crazy summer is how I went boating a few weeks ago at Jordanelle. My stake had a young adult activity and it was a blast! We just played around on the beach, I got some water skiing in, and we rode the water weenie. Oh man do I love boating!!! We took most of the pictures that day on Britt's camera but here are a few that got snapped with mine!
Just waiting for the rope to get around to me
Haha, this picture is hilarious!! Pretty much the whole time I was up I was laughing like crazy. This pic shows it. By the time I was done skiing my face hurt so bad from smiling! I felt like tour guide barbie off of Toy Story 2!
This is just me with my friends Braden and Jennica


Isaac Family said...

Fun summer! I'm so glad things worked out with roomies up at USU. I would totally feel the same way about going up there without my BF! You'll meet plenty of friends and I know it'll all work out. When do you go back up to school? Maybe we could do lunch next week? I'll call you! xoxo

Jen'n'Jordan said...

Wow, what a crazy life you lead! But I have to tell you, I admire you for going back up to USU and going at it alone - I know you'll make new friends and have SO MUCH FUN!! love ya!

Kimberly said...

Ha! Love the water skiing picture! It looks like you sure enjoyed yourself! Thanks again for getting those pictures of my kids, they turned out so well!! And good luck with heading back to school. I'm sure you wont have any trouble making friends up there, you're awesome.

Jen said...

What a fun summer melonoma! Cute pictures, lets do lunch again if we can before school! Have you finished Breaking dawn book yet?