Thursday, June 26, 2008

One year down, one more to go...

Well today is the year mark for my missionary, Danny! He left a year ago today for the Brazil. He is serving in the Sao Paulo North mission and is loving every minute of it. It was really hard to say goodbye and I am just glad that I am much happier this June 26 than I was last year, haha. The past year has been a crazy one for me. In some ways I feel like it has gone way fast but then in others it feels like it's lasted forever. I finished my first year of college which seems to have flown by, but when I think about when me and Danny said goodbye it feels like it was a different lifetime ago. But I am pretty excited that we have finally hit the halfway point!! And from what I hear the second year goes faster than the first, so I guess we will have to see! I sure hope it does! I miss him like CRAZY!!!!!On a side note, I ended up turning down that job at Maurices because I got offered another job at Kiddie Kandids that I decided to take instead. I have always had a passion for taking pictures and I am thrilled to finally get to work in a studio. I start next Tuesday and I am super excited!

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