Monday, September 13, 2010

Grandpa Anderson's Funeral

Danny's grandpa on his mom's side passed away on August 31st. He had been doing dialysis for over a year and decided that he didn't want to do it anymore. So he stopped doing dialysis about 2 weeks before he passed away. He was a real sweetheart and he will definitely be missed. I met Grandpa Anderson around 4 and a half years ago and though I didn't know him very well, I am very glad I got to know him. Especially because without him I wouldn't have gotten my amazing husband. We were very lucky and grateful to get to go spend an evening with him right after he quit dialysis. I was especially grateful that Danny was able to get that time with him. And it was kind of fun because during our talk with him we put it together that he had been friends with and had worked with my best friend from high school's grandpa. It's such a small world. Here is a picture of me and Danny with Grandpa and Grandma Anderson at our wedding
His funeral was last Wednesday, September 8. There was a great service and then these pictures were all at the cemetary, Wasatch Lawns.
The grandsons were the pallbearers

Me and Danny
Me and Kaylee... Ya it was windy and hard to keep my dress down! Haha


Britt and Neal said...

Sorry to hear about Danny's grandpa! I still can't believe he knows my grandpa. By the way, you are looking SO cute and that dress is pretty!

Isaac Family said...

Oh how sweet. I love that picture of you guys on your wedding day! I thought the funeral was so good... thanks for the cute post!

Kimberly said...

I'm sorry to hear about Danny's grandap. It's always sad to see loved one leave, but good that he's not suffering anymore. You look so beautiful in your dress with your cute belly though!! And the picture of you all at your wedding is precious. Give my respects to Danny and his family!