Wednesday, September 1, 2010

24-26 Weeks

Well today I am 26 weeks along. I have been meaning to update this for a few weeks but I hadn't gotten around to it until now. I have been feeling pretty good for the last little while so that has been nice. Thanks to everyone for the tips on my last post, I have only gotten a couple of charlie horses since and they have been very mild. The only thing that's been kind of a bummer is that I haven't been sleeping the best. I usually wake up several times a night. Most of the time I am able to fall right back to sleep, but some nights it takes awhile and I wake up pretty exhausted. But I figure it's just practice for when the baby gets here right? Haha. I am starting to feel her a lot more, so I am loving that. Some days I swear she is the most active baby in the world cuz I will feel her so much. But then other days I will hardly feel her. So it's kind of funny. I can't wait for her to come so that I can see her and get to know her personality better. Danny has gotten to feel her lots of times now and it is always really fun when he feels her because he gets so excited about it and talks about how much he loves her already. It is really cute. We are definitely getting excited!This is me at 24 weeks, people can definitely tell I am pregnant now!
So during my 24th week we were able to get another ultrasound with my doctor. This is a new ultrasound machine that they got up at Alta View and it has 4D capabilities which you will see in later pictures. It was fun to be able to see her again.
This first one shows her heart rate.
This is a cross section of her skull that they measured. It is still showing her about a week further along.
This is a cross section of her abdomen. These measurements show her more than 2 weeks further along, but my doctor thinks that she didn't have the best angle on it so its probably not a correct measurement.
Here is her femur. This measurement shows her about a week further along too. I hope that means she comes that soon. Haha
More proof that she is a girl.. Haha
I believe that this is a fist, but I can't remember for sure.
Here's a cute little foot!
Here's her face
So these are the 4D images that we got. They tried to get her face, but she wasn't being very cooperative and her arm was covering most of it. We did get to see one of her eyes and her nose but they weren't able to save the picture in time. But it was awesome to get to see that at least. Danny thinks her nose looked like our nephew Braxton's nose! So it will be fun to see if that's true when she comes out.
So this picture shows her bum and legs. You can see her little fist going up to her mouth too. And my favorite part is how you can see her little feet are crossed at the ankles. It is just so adorable to me!
This just shows the same thing, but it's not quite as clear. But these pictures are just so fun. it's crazy to be able to see her like this. It makes me even more excited for her to actually come.


Diana said...

LOVE the pictures! It is going to be so fun to see her, and see her cute mommy holding her!! And yes, the lack of sleep is a preparation thing!!

Isaac Family said...

Cute Mel! I can't wait to see her! That'd be fun if our little kiddos had the same nose. I wonder whose it is?