Monday, March 15, 2010

Las Vegas & Nickel Mania

2 weekends ago me and Danny went down to St. George and Las Vegas. We drove to St. George Thursday night and slept at my grandma's house and then got up Friday and went to Vegas. We spent the whole day shopping and then spent a couple hours on the strip that evening before heading back to St. George. My parents and younger brother and sister had come to St. George Friday so we spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with them in St. George. It was a nice little trip and it was great to just get away for a few days!Me and Danny during the Bellagio show, our favorite thing to watch while we are in Vegas.
Just passing time between Bellagio shows
So this last weekend Michelle and Alec came down from Logan and we ended up going to Nickel Mania with them and Alec's friend Ben and his fiance Mary. It was a total blast from the past and we all felt like 8 year olds again. It was so much fun! Here is Danny playing some basketball game that he loved as a kid and was super excited when he saw they had it! Haha
Me and Michelle racing. This one was way fun!
Then the boys took a turn
So this machine is like the funnest thing to watch. On our honeymoon they had one of these in the casino and me and Danny sat and watched people play it when we would get bored. You insert your coins and try to get the coins at the edge to fall off the edge. Well we found one at Nickel Mania and Alec spent a good while giving it a go. And of course I just sat and watched forever. It is just so interesting to me. Haha
Me and Michelle after we had all spent all of our nickels. Funny side note- I am pretty sure that this was the first time I had even seen Michelle in her glasses. After living together a whole year I am really not sure how that could be, but there you have it.
After Nickel Mania we went and watched a movie at Ben's house. Michelle and Alec rented Surrogates, which I hadn't had much desire to see from watching the previews. But I ended up actually enjoying the show. It is one of the ones that you have to think in, and I always like shows like that. It was fun to get to spend the night with them! And the cool thing is that we have gotten to spend lots of time with them lately since they have been to Salt Lake several times in the last couple weeks and we also were up in Logan once too. Hooray it makes me happy and its always lots of fun! Love you guys!


Isaac Family said...

Fun pics! Vegas is always a fun place to go. Glad you had a good weekend! (Can't wait for this next one... :)

Diana said...

Sounds like you've had some great weekends! I'm excited about your puppy! Let us know when you get him so we can come meet him!!

MJ said...

I can't believe you had never seen me in glasses! I had a blast at the Nickelcade with you guys. We'll have to play again sometime. :)

Congrats on your cute puppy. I'm still voting for Wrigley, but I think all your names are cute!