Friday, February 5, 2010

Jazz Games

Danny's parents have half season tickets to Jazz games so we have been able to go to lots of the games this year. It has been a lot of fun! We have been able to go to lots of big games and it's been awesome! These next few pictures were at the Lakers game that we won! It was such a good game. So this year the Jazz have been playing in these green and yellow retro jerseys. Danny fell in love with them the first time he saw them and really wanted one. So when he got his Christmas bonus he went and bought him one. So we went to this Lakers game and we had been wanting to get me a Jazz shirt or somthing so at half time we went to the Fanzz at the ESA and he ended up getting me a retro jersey too. Well I was wearing a turquoise plaid button up and I was not about to wear this green jersey over it. But Danny really wanted me to wear it so he ended up giving me his undershirt and I went and changed in the bathroom. Well needless to say his shirt was huge on me and the sleeves were super baggy, but it worked for the situation and I got to wear my jersey!! :) We have worn them every game since we got them. Danny has Millsap and I have Williams!
This one is still at the Lakers game.. We were just being silly!!
Showing off our retro pride! Haha.

So this picture is one that Danny found online at the Jazz website. For any of you who didn't see this game against Cleveland you really missed out. This is one of the best games I have ever seen, and by far the best game I have ever been to. If you look on the very right side of the picture you will see one of the Jazz players shooting... That's Sundiata Gaines, who was at the time a rookie on a 10-day contract with the Jazz. The Cleveland game was intense the whole game long. But Cleveland was pretty much winning the whole game. The Jazz made a good comeback but in the 4th quarter Lebron James hit a couple big 3's to put Cleveland up by a pretty good lead with just a few minutes left in the game. Well at that point a good amount of the fans got up and left thinking the game was over. The Jazz rallied though, and with some big shots by Ronnie Price, Kyle Korver, and then this 3 point shot on the buzzer by Gaines, the Jazz won by 1 point. This shot was incredible! It was so exciting to be there and to have seen it!! Everyone was going crazy!! Danny's brother who was at the game with us was so excited that he jumped over the chairs in front of us and started jumping around on that row... It was just so awesome! The Jazz have sinced signed Gaines for the rest of the year, and most fans couldn't be happier about it. Anyone who saw that game fell in love with the rookie. He doesn't get a ton of playing time since he is our third string point guard after D Will and Ronnie Price, but it is funny because at every game we have been to since this night whenever Gaines gets put in the game he gets cheered for louder than any other player does... so I guess no one has forgotten that incredible 3 pointer he made at the buzzer to beat the Cavs by one point.
This is me and Danny at that Cleveland game after Gaines hit the game winning 3 pointer... Such an amazing game!

All the rest of these pictures are from the Sacramento game last weekend. Michelle and Alec came down from Logan that night and Danny's parents were so nice to let us have all 4 tickets so that we could take them to the game with us! I miss Michelle so much so it was super fun to get to go to the game with them! (I borrowed all these pictures from her, hope you don't mind Michelle! ;) )
Alec, Michelle, me, and Danny. We just love hanging out with these guys! Of course me and Michelle get along great, but the fun part is that Alec and Danny are like best buddies now too! I am so glad that our boys like each other and get along so well! It makes hanging out with them such a blast!
Me and Michelle
Here is Gaines shooting a foul shot
Just another pic of them playing. Thanks for the pics Michelle!


Isaac Family said...

Fun Mel! I was watching the end of the Cleveland game at home and can honestly say I was in the TV's face- something that doesn't happen often- it was a good game! I had no idea that Bryan jumped a row though, funny!

Diana said...

I WOULD have watched the Cleveland, or any of the other games if they weren't all on CABLE! It sure is hard to be a fan when you can't watch them!! But, all that aside, I'm glad you guys have had so much fun this year following them! Wasn't being interested in sports the one piece of advice I gave you about impressing boys?! Glad you listened!j/k

MJ said...

I love that our boys are friends too. Thanks so much for taking us! Danny's parents were so nice to let you have all the tickets. It was a blast.

I have to call you today! I miss you Mel!