Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lake Powell!!! :)

So I went down to Lake Powell last week with my friend Blake from high school and his family. It was a really random thing because I hadn't really talked to Blake in forever. But then we talked on facebook a few weeks ago. And the next day he texted me and asked me if I would want to go. Well it ends up that he broke up with his girlfriend the night before and she was supposed to be going but obviously that wasn't happening anymore. All of his siblings were taking dates so he didn't want to take a guy friend, he said he would rather take a good girl friend. So ya, he thought of me! So ya I got a free trip to Lake Powell from it. And it ended up being a lot of fun. His family was awesome and I had fun getting to know them all. We left Monday and got back Saturday night. We had a houseboat down at Bullfrog. It was a really fun week!

Me and Blake had to cook dinner the first night. We made tin foil dinners. I peeled the potatoes and I found out that I am really slow at doing that. Blake had everything else ready before I had 12 small potatoes peeled. Haha.

This was a picture from a hike that we went on above our houseboat. I look like a goof but I think it's a cool picture!

Ok so this was my first time wakeboarding ever. And this was my first try and I got up! So I was pretty proud of myself. I didn't stay up much longer than this though because this was before we realized that I am actually goofy foot and needed my right foot forward...

Me, Jesse, and Jason on another hike we did through a slit in the rock

Jason, Jesse, Blake and me. Ya, I look cool with 3 guys... haha

This is called the Moki Steps... The indians put them in so that they could get over the mountain. Well the guys all decided to climb up it...

...But they hadn't thought about having to get down. It was really dangerous. They couldn't see where to put their feet because it was so steep. So the one beneath them had to direct them. It was pretty scary. I would suggest that no one ever try and attempt this... they learned that the hard way. Luckily they all made it down safely!

Getting ready to tube! My favorite!

Me tubing

This is the first fish I have ever caught!

Me, Blake and Jesse cooked my fish and another one we caught. It was really good!

Me and Blake on another hike we went on

Me and Kayleigh

Me, Blake's brother Taylor and his fiance Kayleigh. These guys were seriously a blast. They are super funny!

This is after I got my footing right. I got a bit better after that!

This is Blake's little brother Jason. He could get really good air and hang time on the wakeboard. He was really fun to watch.

This is me and Maryann. She is one of Blake's brother's girlfriends. I really liked her too.

Me and Blake getting ready to war on the tubes.. He was trying to bail water out of his tube..

Tube wars are my favorite. I think Blake beat me everytime but I beat most of the other people!


Isaac Family said...

Looks like so much fun! Lake Powell really is the best- glad you had a good time! Can't wait to be seeing you in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! We are really excited to get Danny back... And yes, I can't wait for him to see my kids too! xoxo

Jen'n'Jordan said...

How fun! I've actually never been to Lake Powell, but it looks awesome! :) Fun for you!