Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's A......

Girl!! Well we are a little shocked, at least I am. I was positive that it was a boy, but I was wrong. But I am so so so so so excited to have a little girl! We couldn't be happier! So anyways I am 14 and a half weeks and we just couldn't wait til 20 weeks to find out so we went to the Fetal Studio at the mall yesterday afternoon and got this ultrasound done. Our technician was from Lithuania. He was an OB GYN there for 15 years and then he moved here 9 years ago to be with his 2 daughters that live here. We realize that there is a small possibility that it might not be a girl for sure since I am still only 14 and a half weeks, but he was extremely well qualified and he was very sure from these pictures that its a girl. It was a really cool experience to watch her move around in there. So cute! We can't wait for when she will arrive! So this is the first still shot he took. The first thing he said when he saw it was look at the cute little nose! And then he said Looks like a girl to me. Which we still can't decide if we think that he was joking or if he could really tell that she looked more like a girl. We had already listened to the heartbeat so maybe he was just already suspecting it was a girl from that, who knows!
This is my favorite picture of them all. I also think it shows the best and most clear profile of her. But you can see that she has her fingers in her mouth. I just think it is so adorable! I hope that means she will take a binky!
This is another profile that he got. But it's not as clear as the other two.
So this picture is taken from the top angle. At the right you can see her brain through her skull. Then you can see her eyes and nose and chin. And then you can see her individual fingers and she has them up to her mouth again.
This is just another one from above that kinda shows her face again.
And here are the deciding ones! This one shows her little bum and legs. The guy was so funny. He says See, no pee pee. Haha.
This is showing the side angle of her legs and belly. You can kinda see a horizontal white line where her leg is coming out of her body. So I guess if thats how it looks its a girl and if it was a boy it would be poking out more vertically between the leg and the body.
So there you have it! Our adorable little girl! We are so excited! So things are going pretty well. I was feeling pretty good through my 1st 12 weeks. There were waves of nausea, especially at night time but they were never bad enough that I wanted to throw up. The only time I did throw up I was feeling just fine but I gagged myself while I was brushing my teeth. Haha. But then 12 weeks came and I have been getting pretty sick. My allergies decided to pick up hard core. And it makes me cough, which in turn gags me. So now I have thrown up one more time is all, which I feel really lucky about, but of course it still sucks. But I have been fighting serious nausea a lot. I am hoping the cough end soon and I start feeling better. But I am very grateful still because I feel very lucky that I have not been super sick the whole time. I know I have been very lucky! So that is whats going on with me. Just getting really excited to welcome our little girl here! :)


Isaac Family said...

Cute pics Mel! We are so SO excited for you guys! So the same dude did both of our kids- I have the same underneath shot of Maycee and he said the same thing about no pee pee to us! Too funny... We love you guys and are super excited to get a new niece!!!!

Diana said...

Those are some cute profile picture of her! I'm glad you put them on here so I don't have to wait until Sunday to see them! I'm so excited for you guys, and gals! hehe