Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Years!!

For New Years this year we went up to Danny's parents house and hung out with some of the fam. We played video games and board games and just had a lot of fun!Our girl band, rocking out on Rock Band
Nat, Danny, and Nicki taking a shot at it, o and of course Tate in the background!
Just after midnight, Danny trying to open a bottle of sparkling cider so he could spray it all over
But of course he drank some too!
Bryan filling up all our glasses!
Jim and Sue
Nat and Danny
Me and Nicki


MJ said...

Yay! I get so excited when I see you posted! I love the Rock Band. But I really only like playing the drums. :)

Isaac Family said...

Bryan looked really cute that night. We had fun though! Even though I look kind of rotten in some of the pics- or all of them!

Kimberly said...

Looks like you guys had some fun! Love Danny trying to spray the sparkling cider! Did you guys play Wackee Six by chance? Still hope you're enjoying that game :)

Diana said...

It's kind of weird seeing you at the drums instead of at the microphone! Looks like it was a fun night! It's a good thing Danny is such a good guy; he could pull off the partier/boozer roll if he wanted!j/k It was a ton of fun having you guys over the other night! We need to make that more of a monthly thing or something! We get lonely up here, and it was lots of fun having you guys here!!